Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guitar 2.0. Thanks Gibson!!

FireBird X 
Very Light, Ultra Comfortable,
& Fast Playing Physical Guitar.


 This is genuinely Gibson's marketing strategy. I... I'm lost for words, I actually can't.... I just can't take this crap seriously!! 
 I suppose I should explain why ! 

 For one, it's  $5,500
IT'S UGLY AS HELL!!!! Look at it! 

Supposedly, it has a " turbo charged "pure-analogengine "
I didn't know guitars generally came with v8's! x]
It's also one of their Robot line guitars. Which is one of these fugly mo fo's who tune themselves;

Which I don't agree with AT ALL. (But that's another rant for another day ;D )

In the words of Gibson's "marketing" guy Henry Juszkiewicz
"This will change music forever. This is more than a press conference. More than an event. This is an uprising!"

It's more than a guitar too, if the features are anything to go by.

BUILT IN EFFECTS!!!! Are you as excited as I am?!?!
It comes with software (GuitarRig 3) so you can dial in your own custom tone. Which I guess, is a neat idea. I'll give it that. But if you know what the DuskTiger is, then you'll know how well that went...
It has computer chips in it. Computer chips.
In a guitar.
You don't see guitar strings in a computer ! (Untapped market??)
It also has BluTooth, which means you'll have to re-charge you guitar 

Hmmmmmmmmm....... I wonder can I get it on the Vodafone network......

It has over 2,000 possible pickup combos, and you just have to wonder.....


Do you think Slash, Jimmy Page, Gary Moore had 2,000 different guitars so they could have any tone they wanted? No, they had whatever they could get their hands on. Slash even came across Les Pauls by accident! But yet, they are the most recognizable guitarists on the planet! 

This guitar wont make you sound or play better, but it'll blind you with so many needless gimmicks that you'll forget all about it!!

According to Gibson's website,
"Revolution is a powerful word - not to be thrown around lightly"

Well, at least they got one thing right


  1. Crazy shit right there, if I played guitar, and had the money, i'd but that... if only.

  2. Yeh one hell of a weird marketing strategy


  4. It's so true!
    Soon enough you'll probably be able to but memory cards with pre-programmed tones

    SlashTone anyone??

  5. I can see it now... "Justin Bieber goes guitar"

    Also, I think this was made for the Jonas Brothers. They don't look silly enough yet xD

  6. Hollow body guitars are the best in my opinion :)

  7. I play a thunderbird, the bass version. It looks awesome because thank fuck it doesn't have that headstock. How you put it, 'fugly' sounds about right.

    The proper firebrird headstock would be a kinda reversed version of a strat. That shit be awesome.