Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thin Lizzy

Well, I'm in awe.

I seen Thin Lizzy in the Olympia, Dublin on thursday, and it was probably the best performance I've ever seen.
Me & my friend decided to go up at 12pm, & queued until the doors opened at 7.15! Crazy, I know! But we were hoping for the band to come out & say hi (or give backstage passes....) seeing as we were the only ones there 'till 5!! I had only recently got into Thin Lizzy, & tbh I was expecting it to be a money making exercise..

But it was worth it. Oh so worth it.

They were supported by Sweet Savage & The SuperSuckers
Sweet Savage... Well, I really liked their rhythm guitarist & their drummer (mad bastard! Broke one of his sticks, then fired it right at us!! ) but their frontman just seems like an arrogant twat, stood there playing an open e for the whooole gig... He was using Phil's sig. reflecty bass, which crossed the line for me!
The Supersuckers were quite good! They had a very country rock n' roll vibe, which was a nice change from Sweet Savage's Maiden/Metallica mish mash... Their song Pretty Fucked Up is quite good, check it out!

Then Lizzy came on.
Words can't describe... So I wont try.
The line-up was perfect, I could see no fault with it. Scott Gorham's still got it!
Vivian Campbell as great too, wasn't expecting that! Brian Downey is better than 99% than drummers I've seen (If not 100%) ! Eric Mendoza, the bassist... Well, he loves his bass, literally! It was great & funny (in a good way!) to see him...working away! ;) Then there was the keyboard player.... Haha, he was good he was good! Joey Elliot of Def Leppard also made an appearance during The Boys Are Back In Town (they truely were!)
Then there was Ricky Warwick.

This guy was amazing, & left the biggest impression on me. He had such charisma, & total badass rock n roll swagger! He was amazing. His voice was perfect; not trying to be Phil, but making it his own.

All in all,

Thin Lizzy still have it, & we're still in love with you


  1. Man im so jealous i live in galway if i knew that was going on i would have been there! Followed! i like what you have to say bro

  2. Man that sounds amazing, jealous as!

  3. Awesome. I'll try and see them whenever I get a chance.

  4. Jeez, looks amazing man! Wish I went!

  5. I don't know this guy but i will check him out!

  6. You're so lucky to see it live !
    I wish i was there.
    Nice blog too

  7. whenever i think dublin i think U2. i hate U2

  8. Sounds like it was a hell of a show. I'm jealous.

  9. i will check this out... im a litle ignorant when comes to music, but from the feedback its seems awesome.


  10. I honestly have never heard of them, but I just googled them and listened to a few songs and I actually really like their sound! I normally am not into the old-school rock stuff, but this was pretty impressive. The lead singer sounds really familiar, but I can't quite figure out why... anyways, great review! I'll be checking back so I can hopefully go on more musical google adventures :P

  11. I haven't heard of them either...